Questions you must ask your Brisbane mortgage broker

Most people today choose the mortgage broker before applying for the loans themselves. This is because the process of application of loan can be very strenuous and difficult while the Brisbane mortgage broker take on the task without any efforts from your side and that too for a small percentage. However, before deciding on a broker you should ask them a few questions!

The questions to be asked to mortgage brokers

The Brisbane mortgage broker are known for their exceptional mortgage loan service but should be asked a few questions before hiring them. They are:

  1. What type of loan shall suit you: While a mortgage broker suggests you a loan type, it is important to know the pros and cons of the loan as well as the reason behind its choice. Make sure that your Brisbane mortgage broker has fair idea of loans and shares all the information with you.
  2. Ask the rates: No matter how many pamphlets you are shown, always ask the interest rates, annual percentage rate, its calculation, index and margins to know what you are going to pay for!
  3. Ask about the tax benefits? Every loan entitles you to some tax relief and so makes sure you ask the details and choose the one which offers best.
  4. Cost of loans: Of course there shall be related costs of loan process, loan disbursal and even repayment – get clear on the associated costs beforehand.
  5. Anticipated time: Know the time it would take for loan disbursal after which the broker won’t be able to charge anything!

Know about the Brisbane mortgage broker before hiring

It is important that you find out everything about the Brisbane mortgage broker before hiring them. This will enable you to work with reliability and trust that your loan documents are in safe hands and there are no chances of any glitch!

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